Chapter meetings are provided for the professional enrichment of NAPO Baltimore members. The meetings are also open to those interested in becoming professional organizers, potential members, or business owners who are attending to hear a specific guest speaker on the topic of business development. These meetings are not intended for the general public, for organizing clients, or for those seeking information on how to get organized.

Each chapter meeting will begin with about 20-30 minutes of open networking, followed by an approximately 1-hour program and a few more minutes of open networking at the end if time permits. Our meeting venue closes promptly at 8:45pm.

Guest Policy

The guest fee is $20 per meeting. Guests are welcome to attend up to 2 chapter meetings per 12-month period. NAPO Baltimore members are welcome to attend an unlimited number of times.

Upcoming events

    • 07/24/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Victoria’s Gastro Pub @ 8201 Snowden River Parkway Columbia, MD 21045

    Please join Carla Mitchell and Michelle Rosen for a Columbia area gathering! 

    RSVP by registering on this site, and feel free to reach out to our hosts directly for any further information needed. 

    These meetings are a casual change of pace to the typical chapter meeting, and are a perfect low-key summer get together.  We hope you can join us!

    • 08/21/2019
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • LaPalapa's 8307 Main Street Ellicott City, MD 21043

    Please join us for our annual Summer Social.  Guests are welcome, and please make sure to RSVP at least 3 days in advance so that we can provide an accurate head count.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow chapter members, meet new people, and enjoy great food!  See you there!


    8307 Main Street

    Ellicott City, MD 21043

    Cocktails @ 5:30pm

    Seated dinner @ 6pm

    • 09/18/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Arbutus Library, 855 Sulphur Spring Rd, Arbutus, MD 21227

    With ever-changing tax codes and daily transactions to monitor and budget, keeping up with the financial side of a small business can be a daunting task!  This month, Matt Bralove of Zone Accounting joins us to explain why financial planning is so important, and how to keep our documentation in order for budget plans and tax season.

    **Board meeting @ 5:30pm**

    • 10/16/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • TBD

    John Maggio of Hawk Marketing will present the first 3 workshops in his new book "Success with Local Marketing". Break out and stay ahead of your local industry peers. Leverage your personal brand and work simple systems to gain huge results.

    **Board meeting @ 5:30pm**

    • 11/20/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • TBD

    Almost all of our clients have boxes and bins of printed photos! It can be overwhelming for everyone to know how to begin sorting, releasing, and organizing these photos.

    Our fellow NAPO Baltimore members Nadine Sachs & Laura Abell are Certified Photo Organizers with APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) and will be sharing an easy ABC process that you can teach to your clients as they begin to work with their photo collection. They will also be updating us about the photo organizing industry and how it can be a resource in your organizing business.

    **Board meeting @ 5:30pm**

Past events

07/16/2019 AA County Neighborhood Meeting
07/08/2019 Catonsville Neighborhood Meeting
07/01/2019 Neighborhood Meetings
06/19/2019 Working with a Chronically Disorganized Client - A Case Study
05/15/2019 Legal Matters for Small Businesses
04/17/2019 New Member Open House
03/20/2019 Elements of Staging: Learn the Components of Staging as an Expansion of Your Organizing Business
02/27/2019 Workplace Safety Workshop
01/16/2019 Members Only 2019 Kickoff!
11/14/2018 Collaborating with Business Partners: Best practices for working with outside vendors
10/17/2018 Presentation by NAPO National board members Ellen Delap & Amy Tokos
09/19/2018 How do you know: The mysteries of a challenging client
08/15/2018 Summer Social
07/26/2018 HoCo Neighborhood Meeting
07/12/2018 AACo Neighborhood Meeting
06/20/2018 Growing Pains
05/16/2018 Review your business insurance needs
04/18/2018 Rescheduled for 9/19 - How do you know: The mysteries of a challenging client
04/18/2018 New Date 4/18 - ***New Member Open House
03/21/2018 RESCHEDULED DUE TO SNOW - New Date 4/18 - ***New Member Open House
02/21/2018 Trash or Treasure: Recognizing the Hidden Value
01/17/2018 Members Only 2018 Kickoff!
11/29/2017 Associate Member Expo
10/21/2017 Finding the Balance: Home Organizing Solutions for Real Life
10/18/2017 The Organizer's Toolkit
09/20/2017 Write your business success story!
08/16/2017 Community Connections: Professional Organizers Give Back
07/19/2017 NAPO Baltimore Summer Social
06/21/2017 Upgrade your marketing materials with the latest techniques & professional photos.
05/17/2017 NAPO Baltimore Town Hall & 2017 Conference Highlights Reel Recap
04/12/2017 Ask the Senior Organizer
03/15/2017 Optimal Coaching: Co-Creating the Relationship
02/28/2017 NAPO BALTIMORE - February Neighborhood Meeting - Towson
02/14/2017 NAPO BALTIMORE - February Neighborhood Meeting - Howard County
02/08/2017 NAPO BALTIMORE - February Neighborhood Meeting - Anne Arundel County - Evening Event
02/02/2017 NAPO BALTIMORE - February Neighborhood Meeting - Anne Arundel County- Daytime Event
11/09/2016 The Associate Members' Expo
10/19/2016 Steer your clients better in the world of art & photography preservation & conservation.
09/21/2016 Why hiring a bookkeeper may be your best business decision ever.
07/20/2016 Converting prospects into clients without the 'hard sell'
06/22/2016 How to take a month long vacation and keep your business thriving!
05/25/2016 ALTERNATE LOCATION: - Business Insurance – Why You Can’t Afford to Be Working Without It & What Your Business Needs - May 25th: Arbutus Branch of the Baltimore County Library
05/18/2016 NAPO 2016 Annual Conference
04/27/2016 Chapter Meeting: Book discussion of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (part 2)
04/27/2016 SPECIAL EVENT: Book discussion of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (part 1)
04/23/2016 SPECIAL EVENT: Organizing 101 Panel - NAPO Baltimore
03/30/2016 DATE UPDATED: Building Relationships Using Social Media
02/17/2016 NAPO BOD Member, Susie Hayman, Professional Organizer & Efficiency Expert: What NAPO Can Do For You!
01/20/2016 Members Holiday Party- January
11/18/2015 Chapter Meeting: NAPO Baltimore's Associate Members Fit Us to a "T" (Associates Presentations) ** UPDATED TIME
10/21/2015 Daily Money Managers, Care Managers and Professional Organizers: Working As a Team by Presenters Lisa M. Berlin, MBA, PDMM® & Jessic Rowe, Certified Care Manager & LCSW-C
09/16/2015 Technology Tools for Time and Life Management by Laura Abell
07/22/2015 Chapter Meeting: Toolbox Tutorial for the Professional Organizer
06/17/2015 The Appraisal Roadshow, sponsored by Paradigm Experts
05/20/2015 Chapter Meeting: The Home Management Workshop for the Professional Organizer
04/22/2015 Taking Care of Yourself so you can Take Care of Business
04/15/2015 NAPO 2015 Annual Conference
03/18/2015 Nicole Chamblin: Facts, news and NAPO National Happenings
02/18/2015 Round table discussion: Getting started as a professional organizer. What works and what doesn't work.
01/21/2015 Chapter Meeting - Cancelled due to Weather - (Taking Care of Yourself so you can Take Care of Business)
12/17/2014 Members Holiday Party
11/19/2014 Dr. Elspeth N. Bell, Ph.D. Psychologist: Hoarding Disorder-Understanding and Helping
10/15/2014 Chapter Meeting (Associates Presentations)
09/03/2014 Chapter Meeting (Ebay Seller-Lynn Katzen)
07/23/2014 Chapter Meeting (Using MBTI to Better Understand Ourselves and Our Clients)
06/18/2014 Chapter Meeting (Conference Highlights)
05/28/2014 NAPO 2014 Annual Conference
05/21/2014 Chapter Meeting (Steve Black - Business Success Speaker and Trainer)
04/16/2014 Chapter Meeting (Spring Product Showcase)
03/19/2014 Chapter Meeting (Grow Your Business through Strategic Alliances & Look Good While Doing It!)
03/19/2014 Board of Directors Meeting
02/19/2014 Chapter Meeting (Discovering the "Era of Endless")
01/15/2014 Chapter Meeting ("Ask the Organizer" Panel - Corporate/Small Business Organizing and Productivity )
01/15/2014 Board of Directors Meeting
12/11/2013 Members' Holiday Party
11/13/2013 Chapter Meeting (Get A Move On!)
11/13/2013 Board of Directors Meeting
10/16/2013 Chapter Meeting (Associate Member Showcase)
09/18/2013 Chapter Meeting
09/18/2013 Board of Directors Meeting
08/21/2013 Members' Summer Social
07/17/2013 Chapter Meeting (NAPO-Baltimore is going BANANAS for WILD APRICOT!)
06/20/2013 Board of Directors Dinner
06/20/2013 Board of Directors Strategic Planning Retreat
06/19/2013 Chapter Meeting (Secrets to Success as a Professional Organizer" with Barry Izsak, CPO®)
05/15/2013 Chapter Meeting (NAPO Conference Highlights)
04/17/2013 NAPO 2013 Annual Conference
04/10/2013 Chapter Meeting (Antiques Roadshow)
03/20/2013 Chapter Meeting (Visit from NAPO National Board Member, Ellen Faye)
02/20/2013 Chapter Meeting (Professional Organizer Show and Tell)
01/16/2013 Chapter Meeting (Topic: Safety and Self Defense with Maryland Martial Arts, LLC)

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